For Rookies

FTCLib provides teams with various interfacing modules of the FTC control system (such as sensors, motors and servos), as well as an assortment of other utility functions.

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For Experienced FRC Users Working on FTC

FTCLib has a WPILib styled code base, allowing you to transfer your WPILib knowledge to FTCLib right away.

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For Advanced Users

Built in odometry, computer vision (OpenCV) pipelines, WPILib Trajectory and more at your disposal. With our Command-based Framework, your robot code will be clean, extensible and easy to re-use from season to season.

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The FTCLib

FTCLib is the FTC library to end all libraries. By porting features from WPILib for FRC, FTCLib makes the use of advanced systems extremely easy for even rookie programmers.

API Documentation

The documentation wiki will teach you how to use the library and what each class means and represents.

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